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Article: Our Story

Our Story

We Embrace All That is Feminine with Confidence 

To craft an inspirational story, one needs to be unique, genuinely care, and have the courage to openly face life constraints; That’s what women all around the world do on daily basis.
Thus, we take pride in being a brand inspired by women and for women.   

Empowering Women 

We believe that the world is full of extraordinary women who chose/choose/will choose to finish their special unpaved roads with lots of strength and perseverance, women who demonstrate something very different in caring about the small things in their lives, and who adapt to all life’s incidents: triumphs, and failures with a flaming desire to make the very best out of it & to lead fulfilled lives on their own terms.
minilet is for all strong, confident, and elegant women out there who see in femininity the power to be confident in demonstrating their womanly traits and be themselves freely. 
Our bags are designed to give women confidence in their “elegant yet simple” look every time and everywhere .  


Because less is more! 
Being a female professional, I deal with stressful situations at work and home everyday. To ease the tension a little, I decided to have a minimalist lifestyle in every aspect of my life and my outfit choices, but back then I could not find chic handbag brands that are at the same time affordable. 
So, it was in October 2020 that I, Iman Adly, decided to start my own handbag brand that embodies a seamless blend of being minimal and sleek with high quality and reasonable prices. 


For more happiness and less stress!
It is time to get rid of the clutter that doesn't add value to your life and drain your energy. 
Our minimal bags are made with impeccable quality and innovative designs, so you can carry your favorite bag and carry on with your life fully charged at every occasion. 
Our bags are designed to be minimal, chic, elegant, timeless and fun. 

No Animals Harmed

With our bags, you will look good and feel good too! 
At the core of our brand’s identity and social responsibility is to never use animal products. 
Made of high-quality vegan leather, our bags are ethically produced with 0% cruelty and 100% luxury.


 Designed with the finest materials, made to carry what you need!
We know what women search for in a bag and make sure to meet their needs. 
Practicality, affordability and durability are not less important than being stylish. With our creative designs and unique details, we promise you the fresh look that you will always fall in love with every time and more cool perks.  


 Women are multitasking by nature and can do it all, so why make any compromises?
Our multi-use minimal bags are designed to make you look your best at every occasion: at a business meeting, shopping, travel, or a casual outing with friends. 
Versatility and diversity are no synonyms with complexity. The charm dwells in simplicity.


For that effortless elegance you have long searched for!
Of course every lady brings a handbag wherever she goes. And we believe the perfect bag can make every occasion perfect. 

Timeless Top quality 

We believe in everlasting beauty!
Seasonal trends come and go, but our bags are made to shine on every occasion all the times. The coexistence between luxurious styles and premium materials in our designs fit the busy lifestyle of modern women.  
We design chic, and durable bags so you can always be in style. 

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